Silverhill School News

Letter regarding re-opening of school on June 1st

Published on 22 May 2020


Arrangements for re-opening Silverhill

Dear Parents & Carers,

Over the last seven days in consultation with Silverhill Governors, Derby City Local Authority and the leadership and management of the school, we have made the decision to open Silverhill on 1st June in a phased and considered manner that adheres to government guidance and is in line with advice from teachers' unions.

We have made the initial decision to continue just with our provision for key-worker children and vulnerable children during the week beginning 1st June.

This group of children will be split into the four groups recommended by the government (Reception, Y1, Y6 and Key workers and vulnerable children from the remaining year groups 2-5)

We will employ the small group (pod) strategy within the four wings but start with a maximum of 10 children per pod not 15 (as guided by the government and in our initial plan). 

 The other main change to our original proposal is that we have also taken the decision to isolate each pod outside at break and lunchtime as well as inside the building. Therefore, pods will never need to mix.

The decision to enact a slower more gradual response to the opening of Silverhill will ensure that safety is paramount for everyone. We can also ensure that staff will be trained adequately and ready to operate effectively before we decide to open the school further.

However, we do want to open the school further the following week, and hope and expect that we will be able to offer school places to pupils from Year 6 by week two (beginning 8th June). At this time, I cannot commit to exact numbers, as this will depend on the evaluation of week one's risk assessment and the number of staff available.

If by the end of week one, we are entirely satisfied with the measures put in place we will then look to invite Year 6 back. Likewise, Year 1 the week after that and then Reception. If, through weekly self-evaluation, we do not feel it is appropriate to widen the provision then we will not do so.

I do recognise that this decision will not be favourable to all parents and families but I would hope you recognise that the logistics and factors involved in safely opening a school in line with goverment guidance, health and safety and the emotional wellbeing of children and staff alike is a hugely intricate process.

We will continue to provide 'home-learning' for all children.

I will be in communication with all families of key worker and vulnerable pupils next week with the exact details of what your child will need to do on 1st June.

If you have not yet informed me, via email or in response to one of my text messages that you child needs a school place then please do so immediately.

In advance of that information please could you start to prepare your child for their return by providing them with their own stationery equipment (pencil, ruler, eraser, sharpener and crayons) so they do not need to share any equipment with other children and be able to leave their equipment at school at the end of each day.

We thank you for your continued support and patience during this transitional phase.



Andrew Gallagher                     Claire Hunter

 Headteacher                           Chair of Governors